‘Zoey 102’, film of the famous series ‘Zoey 101’ will be released this summer

The sequel to the popular Nickelodeon series Zoe 101 has been given a release date. Zoe 102 will be released on the Paramount+ streaming service this summer. Whether the film will also be available with us and where, that remains to be seen.

Those who spent their childhood on Nickelodeon know without a doubt Zoe 101 yet. The series about Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lee Spears) and her time at Pacific Coast Academy was next Drake and Josh the biggest series on the channel around 2005. Now, more than 15 years later, Nickelodeon has decided to release a sequel to the world. So it comes in the form of a movie.

Zoe 102

In the new movie Zoe 102 everyone comes together again for marriage. The original series, Zoey 101, ran on Nickelodeon until 2008 and followed Zoey Brooks and her friends as students at the Pacific Coast Academy, a school that until recently only admitted boys.

In addition to Zoey, characters Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders), Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn), Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood), Michael Barrett (Christopher Massey), Stacey Dillsen (Abby Wilde) and Mark Del Figgalo (Jack Salvatore) also return in the new movie.

This summer

Now Paramount + has also announced that the film will be released this summer. When exactly that will be is not yet known. There is also no release date on one of our streaming services yet. But Paramount also shared some first images from the film. In it we see Zoey already arriving at a big party and hugging one of her old friends, we see the group looking at something in shock and we also see some new faces.

Check out the first images here:

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