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Of course you want some privacy in the bathroom. That is why most people choose to provide the bathroom window with frosted glass. For example, the neighbors across the street have no view of what is happening in the bathroom. But if you have a bathroom with a nice large window, you might want to hang some nice window decoration in front of it. If you choose something you have to take into account that the item is resistant to water. Even if you have a separate shower cubicle, drops will hit the window. In this blog we help you to buy the right window decoration.

Window film as window decoration for privacy

If there is a window in your bathroom with ‘ordinary’ glass and you do not want to replace it, you can simply stick window film on the glass. Do this at the right height so that prying eyes from the street or the house opposite yours cannot see what is happening in the bathroom. Window film is available in various versions. You can opt for standard foil, but also for window foil with a figure in it so that it also looks a bit decorative. Remember that window film is often difficult to remove. So make sure it gets right on the window in one go.

Choose a bright color

If your bathroom is in basic shades, such as cream or grey, then a bright color is a nice eye-catcher. You can buy a nice window hanger in blue, red or orange. If you choose something that will sparkle in the sun, it will also look nice from the outside. If you opt for a plastic decoration, it will also last extra long. Make sure that your window decoration is colourfast, otherwise it will fade from the sun within a few months. UV rays easily pass through glass.

Vitrage, blinds or slats as window decoration

If you have a somewhat larger bathroom window, you can also choose to hang lace curtains in front of the window. Choose a type of fabric that you can wash out easily and that can withstand a humid environment. If you want something that is less vulnerable, choose slats made of metal or plastic. Vertical slats ensure that people cannot see what is going on in the bathroom from the outside. They are also easy to clean.

Window decoration in the bathroom such as slats
Choosing the right window decoration in the bathroom is important. Pay particular attention to material in combination with moisture

Special window coverings for the bathroom

If you find standard net curtains or slats boring, there are also alternatives. Plissé curtains, for example, or opt for the current trend: the duo roller blind as window decoration. This has two layers of fabric. The first lets light through the second does not. If you want privacy, choose the opaque layer. If that is not necessary, you can opt for the translucent layer. This way you also have more daylight in your bathroom. Handy when shaving or taking care of your make-up. If you want to go completely out of the box, you can opt for custom curtains. Pay close attention to the thickness of the fabric, the color and how much light it lets through.

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