WIN: the latest Tony’s Chocolonely bar!

O YES! The latest Tony’s bar is here. Our favorite chocolate brand comes with a new flavour: Pure Creamy Hazelnut Crunch. And we can give away 5 x 2 bars! Read on to find out how you can win.

Win the newest Tony’s bar!

Good news for all fellow Tony’s-lovers among us: our favorite chocolate brand comes with a new taste Pure Creamy Hazelnut Crunch! The brand new dark bar contains 51% cocoa, a mix of creamy hazelnut and almond paste and crunchy pieces of hazelnut. Don’t you want to sink your teeth there right away? The bar is also complete vegan, just like all the other bars with green leaves on the flavor ribbon on the packaging, by the way. And even better news: who knows, you might win this newest Tony’s bar! We can give away 5 x 2. Read below what you need to do for this.

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That’s how you stand a chance

To be in with a chance of winning two Tony’s Chocolonely bars of Pure Creamy Hazelnut Crunch, all you have to do is fill out the form below. After that it’s fingers crossed and waiting. The giveaway will run until May 29, 2023.

Our terms and conditions apply to this giveaway.

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