Will Jurriën Timber make the mistake of his life?

There is a good chance that Jurriën Timber will choose to leave Ajax in the coming summer and look for a European top club. But would that be smart? In any case, Marco van Basten does not think so and calls on the center defender to stick to Amsterdam for another year.

Van Basten advises Timber: stay with Ajax

On the football talk show Rondo comes San Marco said: “You have to go to a club where you know for sure that you are playing. Which you can not only participate in, but where you are decisive. You are now at Ajax. You have to give yourself that assurance. You also have to be stable in your private life. If you don’t live with your girl yet, I’m just saying, and you’re going there on your own, then I would absolutely advise against it.”

Van Basten thinks it is not the right time for Timber to start wobbling: “Which club you go to, they look like that in the dressing room. show it then. The moment they don’t feel they are better with you, then they are all against you. Because you are an intruder. Then you have to do it alone. You see this year how difficult it is when you have to go it alone, now that you were among other defenders who were not so good. You had a different year than last year. Last year you were really good and this season you had a difficult season.”

Rafael van der Vaart agrees with his table companion’s words and thinks that last summer would have been a better time. Van Basten concludes: “I would really advise him to gain another year of experience in the Netherlands. If it’s a good year then I’d say ‘okay’. If it is also a doubtful year, then I would do another year.”

Will Ajax win at Twente?


*Odds are subject to change.

Do you agree with Van Basten?

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