why the Lago Lago festival is so special

Are you up for a weekend festival, but do you also need relaxation? Then we may have found the perfect party for you. Lago Lago is also described as a multi-day festival holiday, so we tell you all ins and outs about this special event.

lago lago
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Lago Lago

Lago Lago is the right place for lovers of nature, beach, music, relaxation, food and art. This special festival takes place from June 30 to July 2 in the recreation area Stroombroek, which is in the Achterhoek. All music lovers who are fans of electronic dance can go crazy. Warning: this festival is for the experienced festival goer. Music is played for about 16 hours a day and you can even go to the main stage until 4 am. Trust us, this is rare.

Wonderful lineup

Are you a big fan of funky techno, house, deep house, ambient and disco? Then the Lago Lago line-up is full of names that will make you very happy. Dixon, Palms Trax, John Talabot and Mano le Tough, among others, will get your feet off the floor (or the sand) anyway. Also take a look at the sets of Perdu and Tjade, because we’re sure the audience will go crazy here. You can find the full line-up on the Lago Lago website.

The oh so great location

Now let’s talk about the location, because at Lago Lago you go all the way back to nature. This festival site is a beautiful nature reserve at the foot of the Montferland hills and is truly to die for. There is room for campers, tents and there are places with or without electricity. If you are not much of a camper, you can opt for a glamping experience. There is also a choice of different bungalows, so that you can stay in a cozy house with your whole group of friends.

Relaxation and relax

Besides partying, you can also let yourself be pampered at Lago Lago. You can take a dip in the water, or follow a session to relax. There are different types of yoga (including yoga nidra), acoustic sessions and cocoa ceremonies. Relaxation? It will be alright.

Score tickets

Are you eager to visit Lago Lago, then it’s time to get your tickets for this amazing weekend to score. People who find it a bit too much to stay for 3 days can also buy a separate ticket for Sunday only. Unfortunately, the ‘early bird’ tickets are already sold out, so be quick if you still want to score your tickets. More information about the festival and a link to the tickets can be found via this link.

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