Why is a dog good for your health?

Having a pet has many benefits. For example, it has been proven that a faithful four-legged friend has a positive influence on both your mental and physical health. This is true for cats and even more so for dogs. Owning a dog actually forces you to get up and go outside, even a few times a day. Owning a dog reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and helps you sleep better at night.

Below I tell you more about the health benefits of owning a dog.

More exercise by a dog as a pet

One of the best ways to improve your physical health is to walk a lot. Dogs need a lot of exercise just like humans, so this is a great alternative to the gym. Not only should you walk, dogs can also encourage people to walk more often and further than they normally would on their own. Through wind and weather, you have to go outside. Good for vitamin D!

A dog teaches you more about your feelings. A dog will keep a very close eye on your behavior. It is therefore also nice to interact together. You can buy some dry dog ​​food and teach a dog more and more tricks with it. This is a fun activity that will bring you and your hand closer together. You also learn to be patient and persevere until the dog understands your intention. This can be done both on the road and at home.

Relieve stress and anxiety

Dogs have been shown to reduce stress in people with anxiety disorders. Dogs sense when their owner is anxious and will try to comfort them, often by cuddling or reassuring them and comforting you.

It is not for nothing that an office dog is also becoming increasingly popular. If the dog is calm and suitable for an office environment (and no one is allergic), then the dog can have a calming effect on everyone.

Dogs provide social contacts with your environment

Dogs are social animals, so they are very good at bonding people together. If you regularly walk your dog in the neighborhood, you will meet other people who also have a dog. You will notice that you run into certain people more often while walking. It is always nice to have a chat. Who knows, friendships may even develop from this. Having a dog can help you feel more connected to the neighborhood. Good social contacts are an important factor in good health. Especially in the elderly, this can be a good remedy against loneliness.

Improve mental health

Owning a dog can improve mental health by reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. Many people who live alone and have few human contacts say that having a dog helps to reduce feelings of loneliness.

Having a dog can also help you focus on taking care of something. This can take your mind off problems or negative thoughts.

Why is a dog good for your health?

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