Why Albania is a fantastic holiday destination

Located on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania is often overlooked as a holiday destination. From breathtaking beaches and mountainous landscapes to historic cities and a rich cultural heritage, Albania has everything you could wish for. Yet it is special that you do not think of Albania as a holiday destination… until now, actually. You hear more and more people wanting to go and we actually understand why.

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Why Albania is a fantastic holiday destination

You hear it more and more often.. that Albania is on the wishlist of holidaymakers. Even young people are talking about it. Where does this popularity suddenly come from? There are countless reasons why it is actually a very good idea to visit this country during your holiday. Let’s list a few reasons:

Natural beauty and pristine beaches

Albania has a beautiful coastline of more than 400 kilometers long, with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. From the bustling beaches of Durres to the secluded gems of the Albanian Riviera, there is something for everyone. Moreover, there are also many breathtaking national parks and mountain ranges such as the Albanian Alps, where hikers and nature lovers can enjoy spectacular views and untouched landscapes.

Historic cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Albania has a rich history dating back to ancient times, and this is evident in the country’s many historic cities. The city of Berat, also known as “the city of a thousand windows”, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers beautiful architecture from the Ottoman era. The old town of Gjirokastër, with its cobbled streets and medieval castle, is another must-see destination. Moreover, Albania is also home to ancient archaeological sites such as Butrint, dating back to Greek and Roman times.

Hospitable people and unique culture

Albanians are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness towards visitors. They are proud of their culture and traditions and welcome travelers to experience their lifestyle. Albanian cuisine is also a real delight for foodies, with delicious dishes such as baklava, grilled meats and fresh seafood. In addition, there are several festivals and events throughout the year where visitors get the chance to experience Albania’s vibrant folk music and traditional dances.

Affordable prices and few crowds

Compared to other popular holiday destinations in Europe, Albania still offers affordable prices for accommodation, meals and activities. This makes it an attractive choice for travelers looking for value for money.. nothing but 20 euros for cocktails, expensive parties and ridiculously expensive hotel rooms. You can still drink a cappuccino here for less than 1 euro. If that’s not a good reason…

Beautiful location

This country is also often used as a ‘set’ for films and series. Just think of the popular game show Who is the molewhere they traveled to Albania in season 22 to play the game there.

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Why Albania is a fantastic holiday destination and everyone suddenly wants to go

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