Why a holiday to Baiersbronn in the Black Forest is a good idea

The Black Forest is a very popular holiday destination. Within the Black Forest lies the Black Forest National Park region with Baiersbronn. Baiersbronn and the surrounding area is a hiker’s paradise. Or maybe: heaven for hikers. From the village of Baiersbronn in the north of the Black Forest, which is about 600 kilometers from Utrecht, you have access to 550 kilometers of hiking trails, a third of which are on natural paths.

This is a hiker’s paradise because two things come together: beautiful scenery and culinary delights in the huts and restaurants along the way. You can go on your own with the detailed maps that are available (or use a hiking app!). But you can also join guided walks. This way you clear your head completely, because you don’t have to think about anything. And you will get to the most beautiful places. But that is certainly not all you can experience in the Black Forest. Read on quickly.

Autumn, winter, spring or summer, it’s always nice to walk in the Black Forest © Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald Black Forest Collective

About Baiersbronn and the Black Forest

In the Black Forest National Park you can enjoy the varied flora and fauna of the region. While walking you admire the spectacular views, splashing waterfalls, landscapes and nature. Listen to the birds and climb rocks or lookout towers. Enjoy the sun reflecting off the shimmering lake. Where can you find such variety as in the Black Forest?

Baiersbronn is a great place as a base to explore the Black Forest. Southwest of Stuttgart and in the northern part of the Black Forest lies this town with about 15,000 inhabitants. In addition to nature, the inner person is not forgotten here, because Baiersbronn is clearly on the map when it comes to culinary delights.

Nature in the Black Forest is beautiful ©Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald David Lohmüller

You can walk on more than 550 kilometers of hiking trails

Baiersbronn is a hiking paradise for a reason. You have not conquered the total of 550 kilometers of hiking trails. And should that be the case, there are still hundreds of extra kilometers in the Black Forest. You can of course map out your own route, but there are also various hiking routes.

For example, there are the Himmelswege, nine circular walks that differ in theme. They are of different lengths and degrees of difficulty. Or choose the Genießerpfade. As the name suggests, these are nature walks with panoramas and pleasant places to stop for a drink. Then there’s the Erlebnispfade in which Baiersbronn’s history comes to life with forest spirits, talking stones and silent heroes.

Choose your favorite walk here more than 60 different walks

Walking along the water. Copyright Baiersbronn Touristik / Max Günter

Winter hiking in Baiersbronn

With winter approaching, it is good to know that the Black Forest is also a beautiful destination in winter. When the snow blankets the landscape, you can go on the three snowshoe hiking trails around Baiersbronn.

The Black Forest is much more accessible in winter than, for example, the Alps. As a result, beginners will have a lot of fun here, although the routes are also relaxed for more experienced snow walkers. Skiing and cross-country skiing is also possible in the Black Forest.

©Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald David Lohmüller

Discover the Baiersbronn region by mountain bike

The mountainous area around Baiersbronn is best discovered on a mountain bike. The route network for mountain bikers around Baiersbronn covers no less than 400 kilometers of trails, within which eleven mountain bike trails have been marked out and about a third of which consists of single trails. The routes are between 13 and 81 kilometers long and suitable for all levels.

Our tip is to go on a guided tour. You can be sure that you will visit the most beautiful places, such as hidden waterfalls, dark lakes and beautiful views. The experienced cycling guides ensure a perfect mountain biking experience.

There are also special mountain bike tours for children. Learned young is done old, after all. These tours are easier in terms of technique and condition, so that even small cyclists can join.

Discover the region by mountain bike © Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald Black Forest Collective

Other activities in Baiersbronn

Baiersbronn is not only hiking in ‘hiking heaven’ and mountain biking in the Black Forest. Fancy something different? Which can! How about a trip with a Segway, fat bike or mountain cart, for example?

Nordic walking is also an option, or view the Black Forest from the air during a paraglide duo jump. Golf enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth, or you can learn archery. Prefer a little more play? Then you go geocaching with GPS!

The mysterious maars in the forest © Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald Black Forest Collective

Learn more about Baiersbronn and the Black Forest

Are you looking for a nice destination, where you can walk and cycle beautifully, but not too far away? Then the Black Forest is perfect! You can read more about the Black Forest National Park and Baiersbronn itself on the website.

Read here more about the Black Forest

Main photo: Copyright Baiersbronn Touristik / Max Günter

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