Which facial treatments for skin improvement are there?

With a facial treatment you reduce blemishes and improve the skin. Each facial treatment has unique properties and effect on the skin. With a facial treatment you tackle various skin problems and the condition of the skin can improve. The result is radiant skin and great skin condition. If you follow a facial treatment in Arnhem, we will look at which facial treatment best suits your skin. Together we ensure the best result.

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Improve your skin with microneedling

If you want your skin to get more firmness, it is recommended to do a microneedling. What happens with microneedling is that the pores in the skin are refined and scars and lines on your face are reduced. During the facial treatment, small micro channels are made in the skin with a needle. This doesn’t hurt. What these micro channels do is ensure a natural recovery process of the skin. New elastin and collagen are produced. With microneedling it is possible to apply it to a zone or all over your face. The result with this type of facial treatment is plumper and firmer skin.

Improve your skin with a plasma lift

Another interesting way to improve your skin is through a plasma lift. During this facial, sagging of the skin is prevented without surgical intervention. It is a technique that allows permanent correction of the skin without cutting. Flashes are made with plasma pen and these flashes lift and tighten the skin. A plasma lift is very suitable for removing blemishes on the skin, treating scars, sagging skin and reducing moisture under the eyes.

Improve your skin with laser therapy

With laser therapy from Get Spoiled, the skin structure is refined with a fractional laser. In addition, laser therapy gives your face a fresh look, treatment of pigments and sun damage on the skin and reduction of fine lines. The skin therapists determine which fractional laser is best for your face. After determining a fractional laser, a treatment plan is set up.

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