Which Colors are Best for an Industrial Design?

Are you planning to furnish your home or workspace with an industrial look? Then colors are an important aspect to think about. The colors you choose can determine the entire atmosphere of the room. Below you will find tips for choosing the best colors for an industrial design.

Dark colors for the walls


When you think of an industrial design, you often think of a room with concrete walls and floors. To create this atmosphere, you can use dark colors for the walls, such as dark gray or black. These colors create a tough and robust atmosphere and ensure that other elements in the room stand out.

Earth tones for the furniture


Furniture with a rough, unfinished look belongs to an industrial design. Furniture made of wood and metal fits perfectly with this. Choose earth tones, such as brown and gray, for this furniture. These colors provide a warm appearance and ensure that the furniture blends in well with the rest of the room.

Contrasting colors for accessories

wall decoration-industrial-living room

Accessories can complete an industrial interior. Choose accessories in contrasting colors to create an exciting effect. For example, think of cushions in bright red, a brightly colored lamp or a brightly colored cabinet. These colors provide a fresh and modern look.

Black and white accents

If you find it difficult to choose which colors to use, black and white accents are always good. These colors go with almost everything and provide a sleek and modern look. Do you want to buy a wooden table? For example, combine it with black chairs or combine white cushions on a gray sofa.

Creative use of color

If you want an industrial interior, that doesn’t mean you only have to use dark colors. Creative use of color can fit very well with an industrial design. For example, use a brightly colored wall as a background for a gray sofa or dark, industrial cabinets as an eye-catcher in a room with mainly lighter colors.

Choosing the right colors for industrial decor can be a challenge, but it’s definitely worth it. Dark colors for the walls, earth tones for the furniture and contrasting colors for accessories are good choices. But don’t be afraid to be creative and combine different colors. That way you can create a unique and personal industrial atmosphere!

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