WhatsApp officially announces: editing messages coming soon

Soon it will finally be possible to edit your chat messages in WhatsApp. There have been indications about the new function for some time, now it has been officially announced.

Editing posts is coming

WhatsApp has announced that a feature is coming that will allow users to edit their messages after sending. For a long time there have been indications that the availability of the function is imminent. Now it is actually the case that this is coming. WhatsApp has now confirmed the arrival of the function.

Exact details have not yet been announced. With WhatsApp alternative Telegram it has been possible for many years to edit your messages after sending. There is no maximum time for this. However, the mention ‘changed’ will appear with the edited message. It is not shown there what exactly has changed. Chances seem high that it will work in a similar way to WhatsApp.

Editing a sent message is a highly requested feature among WhatsApp users. It is a function that can come in very handy if you have made a typo, for example. When the feature is available to everyone, there is no sharing. Since WhatsApp has now given confirmation here, this will probably not be long in coming.

whatsapp messenger
whatsapp messenger

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