What does private leasing of an electric occasion cost and is that smart?

We regularly write about fun occasions. Maintenance costs are a thorny issue for many. With second-hand EVs, the battery in particular is something that second-hand buyers are hesitant about. Leasing an electric car privately can take away many worries.

Because most electric used cars are still fairly new, it is difficult to estimate how high the depreciation will be. It also remains to be seen whether electric cars can effortlessly reach the same mileage that old Volvos regularly have on the clock. With private leasing, that is not your package.

Why lease an electric occasion privately?

There is another argument that can be made for private leasing of an used electric vehicle instead of buying it. The technological developments in the EV world are moving very fast. If you buy an electric car now, there is a chance that the technology of that EV will soon be outdated. That will not benefit the residual value.

But what does private leasing of an electric used car actually cost? Let’s take a common electric car as an example: the Nissan Leaf. Manners recently tipped this car, together with two other models, as affordable second-hand EVs.

electric car cars used occasions private lease
The second generation Nissan Leaf. (Image: Pexels)

The Nissan Leaf is offered by several leasing companies as an electric occasion. We find a 2019 Nissan Leaf with 120,000 miles of experience. You don’t have to worry too much about the latter, because maintenance is the responsibility of the leasing company. However, a high mileage does affect the battery capacity. So you may be on the charger more often.

How much does it cost to lease a second-hand electric car?

If we select a lease term of 48 months, during which we are allowed to drive 10,000 kilometers per year, we will pay 394 euros per month in this case. Maintenance costs, taxes (from which EVs are exempt up to and including 2024 in any case) and the insurance premium are for the lease company. Replacement transport is also arranged if necessary. So for four years of carefree carting in a second-hand Nissan Leaf you pay 18,912 euros.

However, there is a subsidy available, which means that some of this can be done away with. If you want to lease an electric occasion privately, you can receive a subsidy of no less than 2,000 euros in 2023. Requirements are that it concerns a second-hand car with at least 120 kilometers and the new price was between 12,000 and 45,000 euros. In addition, the lease contract must have a minimum term of 48 months. So check, check and check again for this Nissan Leaf, which brings the costs over four years to 16,912 euros.

Buy Nissan Leaf

The question is whether that is cheaper than buying a used Nissan Leaf. A visit to Gas Pedal.nl tells us that we have lost at least 20,000 euros for a 40 kWh Leaf from 2019 with a comparable mileage. A WA + limited hull insurance costs (example with 30-year-old owner with 0 claim-free years at the start) over a period of four years about 2,150 euros, provided that you accrue claim-free years during that period.

Maintenance of an electric car generally costs less than a car with a combustion engine, simply because an EV consists of fewer parts. Parts such as tires and brakes naturally also wear out in electric cars. In terms of maintenance, think about 350 euros per year. There is also a subsidy pot for the purchase of a second-hand electric car from which we can fish 2,000 euros. This would bring the total costs after four years to 21,550 euros.

With this electric occasion you can charge for free for life

To determine whether private leasing an electric used vehicle is smarter than buying a second-hand EV, the key question is how much your Nissan Leaf is still worth after four years. The seesaw is somewhere around 5,000 euros. If you think you can still get it for it, buying is worth considering.

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What does a private lease electric occasion cost and is it worth it?

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