Wear OS 4 With Material You Design Rolling Out This Fall

Google plans to roll out the latest version of Wear OS to its Wear OS smartwatches this fall. Wear OS 4 brings, among other things, the well-known Material You design to the wearables. The new operating system must also be more energy efficient.

Wear OS smartwatches like the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will receive a new software update later this year. The Wear OS 4 update brings several tweaks and improvements. For example, the operating system must consume less energy than the previous version, which should result in a longer battery life. The Material You design, which is also present on smartphones, will also be carried through to the smartwatches. We don’t have exact details about this design yet, but the website XDA has shared the screenshots below.

In addition, Google is adding a backup tool that makes it easy to switch to another Wear OS smartwatch. Google is also working with Samsung to create a system that makes it easy to set watch faces to your own liking. Google will likely release Wear OS 4 at the same time as the Pixel Watch 2 and the Pixel 8.

through [droidapp]

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