We would rather not see these beauty trends return in 2023

Trends come and go. Some we cherish, but some we prefer to leave in the past. No matter how wrong these looks are, beauty trends always keep coming back. But we would rather not see these beauty trends come back in 2023.

beauty trends
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Crackle nail polish

The good old times. Crackle nail polish. Everyone had it and everyone loved it. All you had to do is apply a layer on your nails, wait a while and there will be cracks in your nail polish. In this time we are careful with our nails and we make sure there is no crack or dust on your nail polish. But, that used to be all the rage.

beauty trends
Source: Pinterest

Skinny brows

Although it’s all the rage now to have full, fluffy eyebrows, there were also times when people drew a thin line of eyebrows. We used to love that, but nowadays people have a love-hate relationship with it. There are different opinions about it. On TikTok, this old eyebrow trend is going viral again. There are people who absolutely love the ’90s thinbrow, but there are also plenty of people who think it’s terrible. Although we have to say honestly, that this eyebrow really looks good on some. What do you think?


Concealer lips

A trend that we hope to avoid. We used to not use lip gloss, lip liner or lipstick to color our lips. Concealer it was! While this trend is most likely not coming back, we did remember this old beauty trend. Applying concealer to your lips before applying your lipstick or lip liner should help your lip color last longer. Then this old beauty trend is still good for something.

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