Want to buy JCID iPhone XS Face ID dot matrix cable? For € 19.95

Replace your JCID iPhone XS Face ID dot matrix cable yourself

A good A+ quality JCID iPhone XS Face ID dot matrix cable is important to properly repair your iPhone XS. It is important that the cable is perfectly aligned. Otherwise, the Face ID will not work or will not work properly. We recommend using a dot projector alignment module for this. By using high quality iPhone XS parts, you ensure that you can extend the life of your precious device, go for sustainable! In addition to the quality of the parts, it is important that you carry out the repair with good tools. This makes the repair easier to perform.

That’s why you buy at Partly

Partly.nl is now 10 years old! Our team of specialists has prepared a high-quality iPhone XS parts range so that you can repair your iPhone XS yourself. From JCID iPhone XS Face ID dot matrix cable and iPhone XS screen to the last screws, you’ll find it on Partly.

Need advice on JCID iPhone XS Face ID dot matrix cable

At Partly we can be reached on working days by email, chat and of course by telephone: 085 064 5738. You can contact our team of specialists for questions about the product or about the problem you have with your iPhone XS. Did you know that at Partly you always have a 14-day cooling-off period and a 6-month warranty?

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