Want a tan this summer? Then drink this juice

We were also surprised at first, but apparently the key to a deep brown color is just an orange juice. Want to get a tan faster? Apparently, all you need to do is drink carrot juice daily. Yes, you read that right, carrots are the secret to tanning and we’ll tell you exactly how.

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Carrot juice as a self-tanner

Don’t let the orange color fool you, because in addition to improving your eyes, it can also apparently provide a tan. That sounds like music to our ears, because many of us are just that little bit more comfortable in our skin when that skin has a sun-tanned glow has.

How does it work?

Carrots contain beta-carotene. This substance ensures that your skin appears tanned and the tanning process is accelerated. To see real results, the intention is to drink around 330 milliliters of carrot juice per day. After three to four weeks you will start to see changes. Do you want to tan faster? Then drink the juice and lie down in the sun.

From one day to the next

A tan of course, getting it never happens overnight, unless you have the genes for it. Carrot juice can do just that boost give you what you need. It may be that the color you get is slightly different than usual. That’s how carrots work, so let them do their thing.

Not such a fan of drinking carrot juice every day? You can also combine the juice with other fruits to make a smoothie, or you can add carrots to dishes and salads. In addition to the tan, you also get a lot of vitamins, so you immediately kill two birds with one stone.

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Want a tan this summer? This juice can help you with that and it is just available in the supermarket

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