Video | Which diehard puts these two monster climbs on the bucket list (growth rates of up to 45%)?

We actually thought that we had pretty much seen the steep goat path climbs with the Zoncolan, the Angliru and the Mortirolo, but we came across the YouTube channel of the Slovenian Jiri Fikejz and he turned out to have two videos of climbs on his account which are a bit more extreme. Look and shudder…

The Pozza San Glisente

The first climb is the Pozza San Glisente, located a bit south of the Stelvio and west of Lake Garda. 8.6 kilometers long at 16.1 percent average. It goes up by a maximum of 37 percent and there are also two kilometers of 22.3 percent.

The profile, straight up! | Image:
Jiri also has the KOM. At 8.4 kilometers per hour… | Image: Strava

The Scanuppia

Slightly shorter, but perhaps heavier because of the even crazier gradients, is the Scanuppia. This climb is located in/at the foot of the Dolomites, between Lake Garda and the town of Levico Terme. In a nature park, the thing looms. 45 percent maximum and 7.1 kilometers long 18 percent.

The dark red profile of the climb. | Image:

PS If you yourself have actually become enthusiastic after seeing these images, then we wish you a) a lot of success, and b) you will also have noticed that the road surface is not really optimal (except that it goes straight up then eh..). A road bike therefore seems a bit too big a challenge. Jiri rides them up on his gravel bike. So keep that in mind!

Update: a reader informs us in the Facebook chat that you can only ride the Scanuppia at certain events. So keep that in mind as well.

Image: YouTube Jiri Fikejz | Video: YouTube Jiri Fikejz

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