Video Shows Thermometer Function Of Google Pixel 8 Pro

A video has surfaced on the internet demonstrating a function of the Google Pixel 8 Pro. The Pixel 8 Pro is equipped with an infrared sensor that measures your body temperature.

It seems to be an official video from Google that was leaked prematurely. The video was shared by the website 91Mobiles. The video shows that the Pixel 8 Pro looks a lot like its predecessor, but that there is an extra sensor in the camera module on the back. It is an infrared thermometer with which you can measure the temperature of the user. In the video we see how the user should use this thermometer function.

We see that you have to hold the sensor close to your head and press start. Then you have to slowly move the smartphone towards your sleep. After completing these steps, a sound will sound and the Pixel 8 Pro will display your body temperature. According to 91 Mobiles you can also measure the temperature of objects in the same way.

Google will probably officially introduce the Pixel 8 Pro in October. Recently, Google introduced the Pixel 7a and the Pixel Fold.

through [androidplanet]

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