US will not stop delivery of F-16s to Ukraine

The F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine has been hoping for for so long may arrive sooner than expected. The training of Ukrainian crew is also gaining momentum.

Why is this important?

Ukraine has long been lobbying for Western warplanes to fight the Russian air force. The F-16 in particular seems interesting: it is a very general platform with many possibilities, and is available in large numbers. Many other western aircraft, such as the Dassault Mirage or Rafale or the Eurofighter Typhoon, are manufactured in much smaller quantities, which makes them less interesting.

Give approval

In the news: Green light from the White House for the delivery of F-16s.

  • The Biden administration will not put an inch in the way of allies who want to supply US-made fighter jets. That writes CNN based on well-informed sources. As the home country of General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, the manufacturers of the F-16, the US must give its approval if the aircraft are to be exported further. It also has veto power

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