Understanding Luuk de Jong for solid flute concerts

Luuk de Jong spoke to the press with a sour face after PSV – Heerenveen. It was after doom and gloom in the first 25 minutes what PSV managed to put on the mat.

And so there was a lot of criticism to be observed. The fans were more than tired of the game and thus Heerenveen’s lead at half-time and so a solid whistle concert followed. Even afterwards, despite the 3-3, there was a lot of dissatisfaction. Luuk de Jong spoke afterwards with ESPN about the flute concerts.

‘I get them. We played a lot of good home games, so they expect a better level from us. Of course we do too,’ says De Jong at the press conference. “It definitely has to be better and we know that. Rightly so, because except for one phase it was just not good enough. We need to get the fans with us. You saw that when we made it 2-3.’

PSV has already conceded 39 goals this season, the highest number of a club in the top six of the Eredivisie. That is a lot for a top club. We need to see how we can do that better. We have to try to be the best in all areas,’ says De Jong.

De Jong is clear about the alleged unrest in the technical staff of PSV. “I saw it too, but I don’t know anything about it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong.’

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