Twitter Blue users can now upload 2-hour videos (and that causes problems)

The expansion of capabilities for Twitter Blue subscribers continues. This week Elon Musk announced that subscribers, who pay about $ 8 or 7.39 euros per month, can now post videos that last up to two hours.

Since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, a lot has changed in the app. For example, many so-called legacy verified accounts have already lost their check mark and organizations have received a different color check mark. So the remaining blue checkmarks are now for users who pay for Twitter Blue or celebrities with more than a million followers.

The Twitter Blue subscription contains many benefits for the user. That sometimes causes problems though.


In November last year, brand new CEO Elon Musk introduced Twitter Blue to the general public. After some problems, and people pretending to be others, it disappeared again shortly afterwards for a while. Eventually the feature returned and in the meantime it is available worldwide.

If you are subscribed, and therefore pay every month, you can post longer tweets of up to 40,000 characters, you can edit tweets up to half an hour after the original post, you will see fewer advertisements and you have access to two-step verification via SMS.

Longer videos

Another benefit was the ability to post longer HD videos. Until recently, this concerned videos of a maximum of 60 minutes and 2GB. This was immediately used diligently to illegally post films on the medium. Among other things, the new film appeared The Super Mario Bros. Movie already in two parts on Twitter.

But now it goes even further. Since last week, subscribers can post videos of no less than 8GB that can take another two hours. Under Musk’s announcement tweet, it was immediately apparent that it will also be used to distribute films and series in an illegal manner. Someone posted the full one there Shrek 3-movie. In the meantime, it has been taken offline.

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