TP Vision launches AOC Sound speakers with industry-leading stereo sound, connectivity and durability

The aim of the partnership is to launch a range of sound products under the AOC brand aimed at a younger audience.

  • TP Vision introduces the first portable speakers of the AOC brand: AOC O1, AOC O2 and the AOC O3 party speaker. Available from this summer.
  • AOC is a diverse brand already associated with innovative electronics of high quality and value and is currently the global leader in dedicated gaming monitors with its ‘AGON by AOC’ portfolio.
  • These AOC products are aimed at a new and especially younger audience through innovative communication aimed at the core values ​​of Solidarity, Pleasure and Connection.
  • Industry leading wide stereo sound performance, connectivity and durability are at the heart of all AOC Sound products.
  • Speakers are available exclusively through digital channels, including, in line with target consumer buying habits and desires.
  • The new speakers will play a prominent role in AOC’s global partnerships, promoting the themes of on-the-go music and dance through events such as Red Bull Dance Your Style and Red Bull BC One.

The collaboration will initially focus on the fast-growing market of portable audio systems. Three portable speakers are introduced, each offering a unique, wide and authentic stereo sound from a single device. The collaboration will also focus on on-the-go music and dance to reach a younger audience.

AOC is a leader in display technology and already one of the world’s most successful display brands. AOC has already achieved great success selling products in the gaming sector. This is due to the popularity of the AGON by AOC gaming display range, which currently holds the number 1 position for gaming monitors worldwide.

AOC O1, O2 & O3 speakers

The new AOC series initially consists of three portable speakers, namely the compact AOC Speaker O1, the larger version AOC Speaker O2 and the AOC Speaker O3 party model. To enable a rapid development process, each speaker drew on the proven expertise of the TP Vision teams in design, sound quality, product development and manufacturing.

An important part of the AOC experience of all three speakers is providing superior sonic performance – deep bass and an extra-wide, authentic stereo image. In addition, the speakers offer advanced connectivity and sharing options, including instant switching between connected devices and interconnectivity with up to 100 speakers.

In addition, sustainability is also at the forefront of all AOC Sound products. The three speakers are robust and guarantee a long life. At the same time, they also have one of the highest percentages of recycled materials in their construction.

To celebrate the launch of the first AOC Sound products, the new speakers take center stage in AOC’s global partnership with the ‘Red Bull Dance Your Style’ and ‘Red Bull BC One’ competitions – including prominent exposure at the events and in event activations around the world.

The new AOC Sound products are available exclusively through digital channels, including, in line with target consumer buying habits and preferences.

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