This way your avocados will last much longer

We all suffer from it: you have an avocado at home, you have no idea whether it is ripe or not, you leave it for a while and then it can go back into the trash because it is no longer good . So annoying! Fortunately, while scrolling on TikTok, we saw a mega good hack to keep your avocados fresh for longer.

Keep avocados fresh for longer
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Avocados: a love-hate relationship

Who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with our green gold: avocados. They are delicious and easy to incorporate into recipes and are full of healthy fats that are essential for your body’s hormones. But in no time the fruit has turned brown and you would rather not put your teeth in it anymore. Shame!

Fortunately, we are addicted to TikTok, because while scrolling for hours we came across a very clever hack. Namely a hack in which we found out how we can keep our avocados good for much longer from now on. What you need? A refrigerator, a pot and cold water!

This way your avocados will last much longer

So, apparently there is a way to keep our whole avocados fresh for longer. Of course we wish we had known this much sooner, but we couldn’t keep this lifehack to ourselves for much longer. Again, almost everyone has the things you need at home: water, refrigerator and a pot.

What you need to do is simply put your avocado in a pot of cold water. Put these in the fridge and your green friend will never never bath to go. This woman on TikTok kept her avocado in the fridge for more than a week and we’ve never seen such a beautiful avocado in our entire life.


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