This way you can wear a triangle bikini top in six different ways

Summer is finally coming and of course that means getting a nice tan in our bikini in the sun. Maybe you were planning to buy a new bikini for this summer, but before you do that you might have to take another look at the bikinis you already own. You can wear one bikini top in many more different ways than you might think.

Wear bikini top different ways
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Bikini tops

When it comes to bikinis, we really do have thousands of options. If we only have to start with all the different bikini tops that exist, we are really busy for a long time. We are a fan of that variety and we prefer to buy every nice bikini we come across. But that is actually not necessary at all. You can very easily make one simple bikini top out of six wear different ways! This way you can save on buying new bikinis this summer, but still there fashionable when walking.

Tik Tok Tutorial

Hunkemöller’s TikTok video explains in great detail how you can style one bikini top in different ways. This way, if you want to try it out, you also know what it should look like. And, if you are still looking for a nice triangle bikini top, then you might still be able to do something inspo from Hunkemöller’s video. Because hello, how beautiful is this bikini?

@hunkemollerofficial How do you wear your bikini top?👀👙 In video: 1. Triangle Bikini Top Tasmania – 🔎198805 #fyp #hkm #hunkemöller #bikini #bikinimodel #bikinibabes #bikinichallenge #bikinihaul ♬ See you again – ᖭི༏ᖫྀ

How-to style:

The only kind of bikini top you need is a triangle top with straps that you have to tie yourself. Because you have to tie these straps yourself, you can easily wear this bikini top in different ways. We briefly explain six of these ways to you:

1. Front bow

Normally you usually tie your bikini top behind your back, but with a triangle top you can also do it in a completely different way. You can also tie a super cute bow on the front. All you have to do is slide the bottom strap. At the bottom of your bikini, pull the string out of the bikini on one side. Then tuck in the other end of the string on the other side of the bikini. Slide it through until both ends are at the front of your bikini, tie it in a bow and you’re done ready to go!

2. Strapless bikini top

If you have already turned your bikini over, you can also very easily turn it into a strapless top. You only have to tie the straps that you would normally tie behind your neck at the front. This of course gives a little less support than if you tied the straps behind your neck. But it is the ideal top if you, for example tanlines in your neck.

3. Flipped and crossed straps

If you have your bikini top turned upside down, you can wear the straps in the normal way. Maarre, you can of course also cross the straps again. This is a very easy and small change, but it really makes a huge difference. We therefore absolutely recommend that you try this way!

4. Crossed straps

Wearing your bikini in this way is very simple, but it immediately makes it look like a completely different bikini. All you have to do for this is tie the straps in your neck differently than you normally would. You first cross the straps over each other before you tie them behind your neck.

5. Inverted bikini top

Wearing your bikini upside down may sound a bit strange, but if you see what we mean, you will always wear your bikini tops like this from now on. All you have to do is make the straps in your neck into the straps that you tie behind your back. And vice versa exactly the same. By doing this, the neckline becomes slightly rounder and you make your bikini that little bit more interesting.

6. ‘Normal’ way

Last but not least, you can of course still wear your bikini top in the ‘normal’ way. So not reversed, crossed or in any way. You just tie your bikini behind your back and your neck and that’s it. And, even though this may be the most boring of the list, we can’t skip it. Because sometimes simple is secretly the most beautiful thing.

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