This modern villa gives a true hotel feeling and has a beautiful ‘infinity pool’

The Netherlands is dotted with various beautiful homes, but this beautiful multi-family home located in Belgium has it all. A beautiful location, a studio, an office and, to top it off, an ‘infinity pool’ in a remarkable location and height make this villa more than complete.

Bespoke contemporary villa

The modern building is located in the Klein-Brabant region and was designed by Dimitri Van Den Bossche, who works at the architectural firm BAO-architecten. The building has been fully customized by various companies to create an extravagant whole with an ultra-modern look.

As soon as you walk in the front door, you immediately find yourself in a hall where an office waiting area has been created. The architectural firm has created a workspace and an office with consultation room here. A small kitchen has been built behind the office. You can also find an automatic sliding door in the hall – which also serves as a mirror – with which you are hoisted from the ground-floor office space to the house on the first floor.

From a luxurious office to an attractive home

Once you have arrived at the top, you enter the hall that is fully lit by a glass skylight. This hall gives access to all areas of the house, including a door that will lead you directly to the open kitchen, where a beautiful marble island awaits you with bar stools to enjoy every meal in the kitchen. The sleek shades of gray mixed with the white walls and tiled floor make this a modern paradise.

Modern villa interior

Photo: Jaro van Meerten

As you walk around the corner, you come to a cozy living area where a custom sofa fills the space of the room. Cabinets are placed against the wall in an anthracite color with built-in lights that provide a relaxed atmosphere. But certainly the dining area should not be missed, with the high windows that provide plenty of natural light.

Returning to the hallway you will find three rooms, one master bedroom, one guest room and one converted into a baby room. All three rooms exude the same sleek modern atmosphere that is spread throughout the rest of the house. There is also a beautiful bathroom with a luxurious bath and rain shower. The sink is made of the same marble as the kitchen island, which again creates a beautiful whole throughout the entire house.

A swimming pool that stretches to the horizon

However, you should certainly not skip the garden and surroundings. The house comes with a fantastic ‘infinity pool’, this is a swimming pool that extends the visual effect of the water surface to the horizon through a glass wall, making it seem as if the pool is stretching out endlessly. Hence the name.

From this beautiful pool you have a view of the greenest backyard in the entire neighborhood, which can of course be used for various purposes. For example, place a cozy lounge set and outdoor kitchen to enjoy the beautiful weather with friends in the summer.

Modern villa pool

Photo: Jaro van Meerten

The garden borders a small forest, which will again provide a holiday feeling. That is why you have enough privacy in this modern villa, despite all the large, open windows.

All in all, this is a beautiful, luxurious property that exudes a real hotel feel, which will give the residents the feeling that they are on holiday every day. Really the apple of an eye. Would you like to see more of this modern villa? Then take a look at all the photos by Jaro van Meerten on the website of the architect.

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