This Love Island star is participating in the program for the third time

We first met her in Love Island Netherlands & Belgium 2020. Last year she tried again, but then as All Star in Casa Amor. But unfortunately she failed to find love again. The reality star is now going to make the attempt for the third time, but not in the Netherlands.

Source: Love Island

Third time

Third time’s the charm. At least that’s what Raphaëlla Duringer hopes, because this time she appears in the program for the third time. This time not in the Netherlands, but in France. “Le drama always crosses my path,” she says in the proposal video. “Raphaëlla turns couples upside down with her explosive character!”, the makers write in the caption. Despite her Belgian roots, Raphaëlla introduces herself fluently in French.

Past Adventure

In 2020, Raphaëlla made her first attempt to find love in Love Island. She got on well with Matthew, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. A year later she reappeared in the program as an All Star. In Casa Amor she unexpectedly formed a couple with Merijn. Although the two got along well, it had become nothing more than friendship. “We are friends, nothing is going to happen between us,” Raphaëlla told Grazia.

Love Island has been a real rollercoaster for the reality star. After her Love Island adventure, she wrote on Instagram “As you all have seen, my adventure has not gone smoothly. I’ve shed tears, made wrong choices, hurt people, been in shock. A lot has happened, but that only makes me a human being and on the other hand I wouldn’t change anything about my adventure, because everything happens for a reason.” Would Raphaëlla manage to find love in France? We are curious. Good luck Raphaella!

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