this is why you need to update now

Apple released iOS 16.5, iPadOS 16.5, and macOS 13.4 last night. And those updates are more important than you think!

macOS 13.4

iOS 16.5, iPadOS 16.5 and macOS 13.4

After a whole series of betas, Apple has released iOS 16.5, which includes a colorful new wallpaper and a handy Siri function. In addition, iPadOS 16.5 and macOS 13.4 have also been released. Now such interim updates never sound so exciting, but it is still important to update as soon as possible.

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The three updates close a hole in WebKit. That is Apple’s software that is included in Safari on the Mac, and all browsers on the iPhone and iPad. The vulnerability allows cybercriminals to attack your device through your browser. If you do not update your device, you are at risk.

iOS Security Measure 16.4.1(a)

Two weeks ago, Apple already released the first iOS security measure, iOS 16.4.1 (a). On the Mac, macOS security measure 13.3.1(a) appeared. This already closed two other vulnerabilities in WebKit, but a third remained intact.

iOS Security Measure 16.4.1(a)

That is only now known: Apple first kept the content of the security measure secret in order not to make cyber criminals wiser than they already are. Now the leaks are being disclosed, because Apple believes that they have already been actively exploited. In other words, update.

This is how you update your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

You update your iPhone and iPad via ‘Settings>General>Software Update’, and your Mac via ‘System Settings>General>Software Update’. If you have automatic updates enabled, this will happen automatically sometime in the next two weeks.

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Source: via MacRumors

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