this is where the ‘devil’s brood’ has settled in the Netherlands

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The BBC writes about a large gathering of satanists in the American city of Boston. The Church of Satan wants permission from the city council to raise its flag in front of the city hall.

‘Think you know about Satanists? Maybe you don’t’, writes Rebecca Seales for the BBC. This reporter may just be right about that, says writer Hans Siepel, who points out that the old writings warn that the ‘devilish’ powers dress in sheep’s clothing.

Death and destruction

He mentions names of a number of Christian ‘Satanists’ who are high in the hierarchy. “Hugo de Jonge with his medical-scientific miracle that sows death and destruction. Wopke Hoekstra also scores high with his war propaganda. And what about the ‘devilish’ Bikker girl from CU, who transforms lies into the word of God,” says Siepel.

If that isn’t the devil’s work

The Christian media is also getting it wrong. “If this devil’s spawn has nested anywhere, it must be with Trouw, EO, KRO/NCRV. […] Tijs van den Brink scores high with his corona lies and looking away and hiding the excess mortality. Editor-in-chief of Trouw, Cees van der Laan, should also not go unmentioned. Participated in the witch hunt against the unvaccinated and advocated for censorship. If that isn’t the devil’s work,” says the writer.


He also gives former Christian politicians a wipe out. “Not so long ago CDA prominents – and now ministers of state – Balkenende and De Hoop-Scheffer bombed 700,000 innocent Iraqis to death with lies and deceit. It is precisely this work of the devil that Christian politicians are very good at.”

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