This is how you score the wardrobe of Kim Feenstra, Gaby Blaaser and Sylvia Geersen

Have you always wanted to take a look at Bo Wilkes’ wardrobe? Or Kim Feenstra? Good news, because there is a Vinted account with which you can buy the most fabulous items from the famous Netherlands!

Wardrobe of celebrities

Thank you tips us off Niki Vanderschaeghe’s Niki’s Vintage account!

You can now buy the clothes with which well-known Dutch women parade on red carpets or with which influencers shine in their Insta posts, thanks to Niki’s Vintage, which makes clever use of Vinted’s success. Founder Niki says: “Celebrities often wear something only once on a red carpet, event or party, because they have already been photographed with it many times. Influencers also regularly receive beautiful items from brands that they do not wear. That is an eternal shame, and last year this gave me the idea to start selling the wardrobes of the well-known Netherlands.”

It works very simply: the celebrities and influencers deliver their clothing to Niki and her team. They ensure that everything is properly steamed and photographed, and then they create a Vinted profile especially for this celebrity. “Several times a week we put a wardrobe online at exactly eight o’clock in the evening. This is how we make women happy with items that others no longer wear. How nice is it to buy the most beautiful garments for a nice price, and also to be very sustainable?”

Domino effect

Niki says that she started with a good portion of guts and started sending a DM to a whole list of celebrities asking if she could sell their clothes. “At one point I received a response from Roxanne Kwant and Janine Kho who said: ‘How nice, that saves us so much time.’ Those sales were such a success that a domino effect arose afterwards. Other well-known women also wanted to, because they saw how beautifully we present the clothing. We really benefit from the power of social media, as famous people with a wide reach share their closets and our number of followers continues to grow as a result.”

Niki’s Vintage has now sold clothing from, among others, Bo Wilkes, Florien Hofstee, Kim Feenstra, Sylvia Geersen, Gaby Blaaser, Kelly Weekers, Kim Kötter, Janice Blok, Victoria Verstappen, Anne and Esther Vedder and Sarah van Soelen.

“With Sarah, we have already made a sale five times and her clothes are in every time no time out of stock. The items from Kelly Weekers and Victoria Verstappen are also gone very quickly as soon as we put them online; Victoria’s closet sold out in three hours last time. They have really nice brands in between, such as Isabel Marant and IRO, which we sell for an affordable price.” That is a condition at Niki’s Vintage: the prices must be realistic, so that everyone can afford it. “We sell an Isabel Marant sweater for around ninety euros and an IRO dress for a few hundred euros is sold for around 65 euros. We always announce in advance which wardrobes are going on sale and we give a sneak preview. You notice that women are really getting ready to be the first to buy something.”

Chantel bag

Niki says that sometimes there is also a mystery guest among the sellers. “These are well-known Dutch people who do not want to be mentioned by name, but who do have very nice stuff. For example, we sold a Chanel bag belonging to a famous woman. It’s a pity for us, because they are often big names that we want to mention, but we respect it if someone wants to remain anonymous. We do, however, always check whether the items are genuine, and we also have people sign a contract for confirmation, because we cannot risk our good name with an item that turns out to be fake.” Niki still has some famous ladies on her wish list. “Lizzy van der Ligt’s wardrobe is fantastic and I would also love to sell Selma Omari’s wardrobe. Ruba Zai and Delia from Skin Master are also high on my wish list.”

“I just want to explore diversity a bit more, not just sell the closets of white, Dutch women. We also once put the closet – including headscarves – of Laila Tahri online, a Muslim influencer with 380,000 followers; that was a huge success.” Niki says that she finds it important to stand for quality. “We send all Dutch celebrities guidelines that the clothing must meet. For example, we don’t want Primark and generally don’t accept unbranded items. Although Sarah van Soelen doesn’t care if they are simple items, because young girls want to wear everything she wears!”

The article can be read in the new Grazia, which is now in stores!

Source: Grazia | Image: NL Image

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