This is how you get rid of your nasal spray addiction

Catch a cold? Then you probably drag your nasal spray everywhere you go. No way that you go out without. If you always reach for the nasal spray as soon as you have a cold, you’ve probably noticed that it can be quite addictive. When your cold is over, you actually find it quite difficult to put it down. Even if you would like it so much… We tell you how you DO get rid of this addiction 😉 This is how you can get rid of nasal spray:

1. Using saline

You can purchase a saline solution (aka sodium chloride) and use it while you’re trying to quit. Spray this in your nose before you go to sleep and if your stuffy nose really drives you crazy. Saline solution is not as addictive as a nasal spray. You can also dilute your nasal spray with saline if you are really addicted.

2. Step by step

You can also kick the habit step by step, or well, we should say nostril by nostril. Only use your nasal spray for one nostril. When you go to sleep, lie on your side so that your nostril, where you no longer spray nasal spray, is on top. Within 10 minutes you will notice that you can breathe better through your nose. After a week you should notice that you can really breathe freely again through the nostril where you no longer spray anything. Then you stop using the nasal spray completely. After a good week you can breathe freely again!

3. Children’s nasal spray

Xylometazoline nasal spray is also available in a child dose. Such a nasal spray is half as strong. This allows you to slowly taper off.

4. Tapering down

Of course you can also just taper off if you have perseverance. Do you now use your nasal spray about five times a day? Then start a first week with four times a day and reduce it per week. You can also reduce it more slowly.

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