This is how you create the ideal wardrobe

Keeping your wardrobe organized and tidy is often quite a task. Once in a while you make an afternoon free for it: you’re going to clean out your closet and from now on you’re going to keep it that way, at least that’s what you plan to do.

Unfortunately, it won’t be long before all your shirts, pants, and shoes are all mixed up again. The consequence? You won’t find anything quickly and the mess only gets worse. We advise you.

First things first

First, make sure you know exactly what you hang and lie in your closet. Know how many items you want to put in your closet and how many items you want to hang on hangers and how many high heels you have, how many boots, how many sneakers and so on. From then on you can really start on an organized closet: you will make a place for everything.

IKEA also has a handy one for this wardrobe planner totally smart. With this you can arrange your closet completely the way you want.


To a high end feel to your closet, you really want different ones spaces.spaces for all you pieces make in your closet. Also go for a pull-out drawer for your jewelry and other accessories and if you want to do it all right with a glass plate on top. This way you can see what’s inside without opening the drawer. Do you also want to give your beautiful pearls of shoes a nice place in your closet? Then pull-out shoe shelves are recommended.


Make sure you also create different storage spaces in your closet with, for example, baskets and storage boxes. When spring starts again, you can store all your thick sweaters in this and also your other seasonal items. You can also store accessories such as scarves and berets in it. By storing these items in boxes, you can also shop new items for your closet!

Do you also long for spring again?
> Get your wardrobe out of its winter slump

Do you have brown hair?
> You want to hang these colors in your closet NOW

These are the basics essentials:
> And the most versatile items in your wardrobe


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