This affordable occasion will only increase in value

First thing to say: investing in cars is rarely a good idea. Still, especially with an eye to an electric future, there are used cars for sale that may only increase in value. We highlight a nice occasion for you.

Most cars are very good at losing value. We call that depreciation. This is especially the case with new cars. As soon as you wave goodbye to the dealer, your brand new car is often worth tens of percent less. But even if you buy a used car, you run this risk.

Used car that may increase in value

The art is finding the gems that do increase in value. Memphis Depay thinks he has got the hang of this rare car. These are often cars with a limited edition. Consider, for example, the most expensive used car in the Netherlands, with an asking price almost twice as high as the new price. The problem is that such cars are already outrageously expensive to begin with.

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Fortunately, there are also affordable occasions that may increase in value. These may rely more on their history and cult status than on a limited edition. A possible contender is the Nissan 350Z.

Nissan 350Z as a future classic

The site The Car Investor states that after years of slight decline, Nissan 350Z used cars have been rising in price since 2021. The 280 hp Nissan is an icon in the Z model range. Although quite a few copies of the cheap sports car have been built, only a handful are for sale in the Netherlands. Convertibles start at about 12,000 euros, while you have to pay about 5,000 euros more for a coupe. The advice would be to buy a neat copy.

used car value occasion nissan 350z
(Image: Unsplash)

Quite a few copies of the V6 sports car may have been built, a large part of which is no longer original. It is precisely those models that have not been messed up that may do well in the future. The investment website expects a gradual price increase of the Nissan 350Z as a used car in the coming years.

Other used cars that can increase in value

Other models that we believe have scoring potential in the future include the original Tesla Roadster. This is the first serious electric sports car. An occasion with history. Unfortunately, second-hand you soon pay more than a ton for it. Another contender is the BMW 1M. This is a real enthusiast’s car and undoubtedly one future classic. They are scarce and unfortunately can no longer be picked up for a pittance. You have now lost about 50,000 euros on a BMW 1M.

used car BMW 1M
The BMW 1M. (Image: Unsplash)

Would you rather look for a second-hand car that can increase in value? Then pay attention to the following points. The Car Investor has put together a checklist to estimate whether a used car will increase in value. For example, the type of car is important. For example, is the occasion mass-produced or only built in a limited edition? Does it have unique features and is the occasion stylish?

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You also have to find out how much is left of it and whether the second-hand car is expensive to maintain. As we just wrote, it is also important that the car is in its original condition. In addition, one does cult following the future value doesn’t hurt either. Partly thanks to the Fast & Furious film series, the Nissan 350Z is fine.

Investing in an affordable used car involves risks

Before you empty your savings account to get one of these occasions, it is important that you know that a price increase is never a guarantee, just like with investing. Moreover, the question is what the prices of second-hand cars will do if combustion engines are possibly finally thrown into the Kliko. This can also cause the prices of these used cars to plummet. On the other hand, the urge for a future classic thereby also grow, which makes them even more valuable.

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This not even that expensive used car will only increase in value

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