These seven signs predict whether you’re happy with your job

Being happy with your job is very important because it is a place where you spend a lot of time. A toxic workplace is the last thing you want, but what makes you happy with your job? That’s what researchers have found out.


What most of us really want is autonomy. We want to work independently without constant scrutiny. A 216 study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, showed that people most desire autonomy over how their working days go. The majority of participants were even more likely to reject a promotion if it meant giving up more autonomy. “The desire for power does not mean a desire to have power over others, but to be master of one’s own destiny,” the study concluded.


Having a healthy work-life balance is extremely important. As soon as you close the laptop, you should be able to let go of your work and not take it home with you. This often only causes you stress, so that you will get less pleasure from your work in the long run. Therefore, try to set clear boundaries both inside and outside work. Employees who have found a healthy balance are therefore often happier.

Making mistakes

You can’t find job satisfaction if someone is always looking over your shoulder with concern. Having the freedom to make mistakes at work is therefore very important. According to coach Nadia DeAla It is important that there is psychological safety in the workplace. This means that employees feel comfortable talking about difficult topics, such as expressing mistakes or failing, without fear of being punished for it.

Good relationship with colleagues

Having someone you can confide in and complain to can make all the difference to how you feel about your workday. A survey of Gallup completed by nearly 200 000 employees has shown that people who work besty were also the most engaged and committed to their jobs.


What also greatly promotes job satisfaction is getting good feedback on how you perform your work. Getting feedback can make you feel like what you’re doing is meaningful. “Knowing from your supervisor that you are doing well takes away some of the uncertainty about why you do what you do and how you can do it better,” says psychology professor Kevin Hoff On Huffpost.

New challenges

Getting new opportunities and challenges can keep your work exciting and keep you from getting stuck in a rut. A survey of psychologists psychologists Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham has shown that when tasks are varied and not monotonous, employees are more likely to be satisfied.

Check ins

Finally, one of the pillars of job satisfaction is simply being open to regularly reflect on what you really want to get out of your job. According to Nada, being happy with your job means being curious about what matters to you and being open to changing answers over time.

Source: Huffpost | Image: Adobe Stock

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