These are the interior trends for 2023

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Every year, the designers of furniture and accessories determine the interior trends for the new year. The same goes for 2023. Many people start to itch as soon as the days get longer again after the turn of the year, but even more so during a good spring cleaning. They would like to get started to give the interior in the living room or bedroom a makeover. Would you also like to get started to prepare your home for a new year? Then these are the trends you can take into account.

Interior trend #1: A sleek and modern design

The sleek and modern design always works well. Furniture made of glass and steel, combined with the colors gray, white and black, give your interior the modern look that so many people love. Combined with an industrial styling, such as a concrete look floor, you are completely up to date for 2023. If you also want a little warmth, you can dress up the interior with cozy cushions on the couch, matching side tables, or a beautiful rug on the floor. The advantage of a basic design is that you can easily make adjustments. If you opt for basic colors and at some point you still want that striking bright red sofa, it is easy. You don’t have to adjust the entire interior because red clashes enormously with purple or orange.

Super sleek interior style

Interior trend #2: Sustainable always scores well

More and more people consciously buy their furniture. They opt for natural materials and prefer a sideboard, chairs, tables, benches and cabinets that last longer than one season. The realization that it is better to buy something that lasts longer is getting through to more and more people. Designers respond to this by choosing natural materials for their furniture that last a long time or that can be easily recycled. A visit to the thrift store also fits in with this trend for the best thrift bargains if you are looking for new furniture or accessories. There you can come across beautiful things that you often tap on the head for a competitive price.

Interior trend #3: The Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian living trend will continue to lead in 2023. Beautiful wooden furniture, which is neatly finished but which clearly shows what it is made of, remains popular. It is therefore not surprising that companies that make this type of furniture to order still have plenty of work to do. Fortunately, there are also plenty of furniture stores where you can succeed if you do not have such explicit wishes in terms of dimensions and design. The Scandinavian Look combines well with blue, one of the trendy colors for the interior of 2023.

Scandinavian style interiors remain popular
Scandinavian style furniture is one of the trends that remains popular

Interior trend #4: Less is more

Following on from the desire for sustainability, more and more people are opting for a minimalist interior. Only furniture that is functional will be added. A comfortable sofa, but a small coffee table is sufficient. A dining table that offers enough space for the family, Closet space that is just enough to store what is important. Of course you don’t have to exaggerate that either. A beautiful lamp is not out of place anywhere. The same applies to wall decoration in the form of wall lamps or a beautiful print on wood or glass.

Less is more if interior style is daring but definitely recommended
Less is more: only post what matters

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