These are the best wireless earbuds of 2023 per category

From listening to music to devouring podcast episodes, we wear earplugs for much of the day. Are you someone who sports, works, cycles, walks and lies on the couch with wireless earbuds? Then it is important that you choose a pair that suits you. To give you a helping hand, we select the best earplugs of 2023 for you per category.

bowers & wilkins pi7 s2

1. For the music lover

Do you listen to a lot of music? Then good quality is important. The Pi7 S2 from Bowers & Wilkins are, in our opinion, the best choice in this category. These earphones are equipped with small, but powerful two-way drivers. That is to say: you hear music and sounds in films as the maker intended. A rich, immersive sound with deep and powerful bass. In addition to the luxurious appearance, comfort has also been thought of. With a weight of 7 grams per earplug, the earplugs are really light and comfortable in your ears.

Thanks to the touch-sensitive controls on the earphones, you can easily play, skip and pause music, take phone calls or call a voice assistant. First of all, do you want to focus properly? This is possible thanks to the active noise reduction. Extra nice: you don’t have to stress about an empty battery, the battery life (in noise cancellation) is no less than five hours and a fully charged charging case offers an extra 21 hours. So you can really wear these earphones all day long.

2. For the lover of color

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are the perfect earphones for lovers of a funky color. These earphones especially go very well with Samsung devices, but are overall can of course be paired with any bluetooth connection. These earphones are not only an eye-catcher, the sound quality is also really good.

In addition to high-res audio, these earphones also have noise canceling, voice detection, adjustable controls on the ear and they can withstand water. And that is useful if you regularly cycle through a downpour in the Netherlands. You do that in style, because hello, can we talk about this lovely lilac color?

3. For the Apple enthusiast

Are you one of those stubborn Apple aficionados and want to stay true to your favorite brand? Then the Apple AirPods 3 currently the best choice. Thanks to Apple’s H1 chip, you can connect the AirPods to all your Apple devices in seconds. The sound of these earbuds is to die for, Thanks to Spatial Audio, the sound comes from every angle, making it seem like you’re in the middle of your movie or series.

The music is automatically tuned to the shape of your ear, so you hear every detail in every song. What makes these earbuds extra good? The long listening pleasure. With full earplugs you can enjoy your favorite music for up to six hours. If you put them in the wireless case, you’ll have a total of 24 hours of listening time. And on top of that: this wireless case is also wirelessly rechargeable.

4. For the sports enthusiast

Do you regularly run around nature? Or are you sweating in the gym every week? Then the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are made for you. Thanks to the StayHear Max tips, these sweat- and weather-resistant earplugs are designed so that your ears no longer come into contact with hard plastic, but with only soft silicone, so that you can wear the earplugs comfortably all day long – and therefore do not take them out quickly drop your ear.

The volume-dependent Active EQ automatically boosts the bass and treble, so that music always sounds crystal clear. Extra nice: these earplugs have Active Noise Cancelling, which filters out all ambient noise. The earbuds last up to six hours and with a charged charging case you can charge the earbuds two more times. Is the battery empty? With 15 minutes of charging, your battery will last another two hours.

5. Budget choice

Do you want good earplugs, but don’t want to dig very deep into your pocket? Then the JBL Wave 300TWS True Wireless Earbuds a good option. These earplugs cost less than €50, but still give you a powerful and deep sound for 26 hours. You can easily manage the audio and telephone calls via the touch controls on the earbuds. Thanks to the 12 mm driver, JBL delivers a deep bass, so you don’t just hear those hard techno songs or Beyonce playlist, but feel them.

You don’t have to worry about wearing comfort either, because the earplugs stay in place perfectly thanks to the ergonomic fit.

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