These are the best food photos of 2023

The winners of the ‘Food Photographer of the Year 2023’ have been announced! This is an international photography competition reflecting ‘the full cultural spectrum of food in society’. Curious which food photos won the prize? Then read on quickly!

Best food photos 2023

Every year, the well-known apple brand Pink Lady® organizes an international photography competition. The competition seeks to reflect ‘the full cultural spectrum of food in society’ and therefore awards prizes in various categories. From stylized dishes for magazines like Foodies to photos of families dining together in honor of religious festivals. The nice thing is that everyone professionals or not, can apply for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year. The winners are chosen by a panel of experts consisting of Fiona Shields of the Guardian and Rein Skullerud of the United Nations World Food Programme. Curious which food photos they think are the best this year? Then read on quickly because we share our favorites!

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Best food photo

The big winner of the ‘Food Photographer of the Year’ competition is Jon Enoch with his photo of Indian sweet seller Pappu Jaiswal. The photo was taken on the streets of Mumbai and is part of a series about street vendors displaying their food in a unique way. “The winning image was part of a personal project – an enormous amount of time and thought went into it, so it’s great to be recognized by such an esteemed jury,” said Jon Enoch.

Because professionals are not the only ones who can also win prizes, a special category has been created for students. The winner of this is Kim Bainbridge, who has creatively recreated the dense Amazon forest of food. This beautiful food photo is the result.

moments of joy

Zhonghua Yan’s food photo reflects autumn in China. The mountain area in the Taihang Mountains of Shanxi Province is so cold and dry that they have to be creative with their food. Hanging kakis is the main source of income for local farmers. The persimmons are harvested for this, peeled and then hung in bunches under the eaves until they soften and freeze. This way they can yield a good price in the new year. This fantastic photo proves that this is a nice job.

Politics of Food

Food connects and this photo by Mouneb Taim proves it all too well. He says: “After the campaign of the Syrian regime and the departure of the Syrian armed forces, the inhabitants of the city of Nayrab found all their houses destroyed. That was in the month of Ramadan in the year 2020. Neither the war nor the devastation prevented people from having a group breakfast, an important tradition during Ramadan.”

Best food photos in Europe

The best photo in Europe was taken by Carla Sutera. The photo ‘The kitchen of Adua’ is part of a journey through the past of an 86-year-old woman who had to leave her home, where she has lived all her life, during the corona pandemic.

Best food photos from Southeast Asia

Khanh Phan Thi’s special photo ‘Drying Fish’ is the best food photo in Southeast Asia. He says about the photo: “These women are drying fish, but they seem to connect the colored pieces together. The details of the fish remind me of Van Gogh’s watercolours.”


The photo ‘Let them Eat Cake’ is part of the series ‘Beauty in Destruction’ shot with photographer Frankie Turner. Keiron George is the food stylist who comes out as the winner this year and the photos make it clear why!

Food for life

This poignant photo was taken by Al-Nasim Talukdar who captured the ‘hungry tears’ of children. He says: “Unfortunately, a livelihood is not for everyone. For the hungry children of the street, humiliation is something they have to deal with every day deal.” A heavy subject captured in a unique way.

Food for the family

The photo ‘Slurping Spaghetti’ proves that you can also win with an everyday scene at the kitchen table. Photographer Catherine Falls says: “The dish Spag bol is a favorite in our house. The leftovers are eaten for lunch the next day, as my youngest daughter demonstrates in this photo.”

Food photos with smartphone

The ‘On the phone’ category proves that you don’t need an expensive camera to take the best food photos. The winner of this unique category is Hein van Tonder who photographed a typical Saturday afternoon in Sri Lanka. It shows a family enjoying the local street food culture.

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