‘There’s a big storm coming and they know it’

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Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel has made a film about children who end up in the sex trade. The movie is based on a true story.

He said in the War Room speaking to Steve Bannon that 85,000 children have gone missing at the border. Caviezel is convinced that something will be done with those children.

The actor began to notice that articles in the media about child trafficking often disappeared after a day. “That is interesting.” He saw thousands of articles like this disappear. “Something is going on.”

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To threaten

After he started speaking out, he was out of work. “The studios are all controlled by the central banks. Do you really think Biden is the president of the United States? Do you really think he runs our country?” said Caviezel.

His film causes quite a stir. “There is a big storm coming and they know it. And so they have to threaten you.” The actor calls on all fighters to come out and tell the truth.

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Earlier, Caviezel said at a conference that they extract adrenochrome from small children. Some children are saved. “They take kids from the depths of hell, from DUMBs and all sorts of different places,” he said, referring to underground military bases.

According to Caviezel, adrenochrome is being extracted from the children. He explained it this way: when you are afraid, you produce adrenaline. When a child knows they are going to die, a kind of adrenaline is released that they use different terms for. “It’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen,” the actor said in a trembling voice.

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