there is a shortage of noodles

Is your standard order in the snack bar a bami disc? Then we have very disappointing news for you. This oh so popular snack is in danger of running out, as RTL News says.

bami disc shortage

Big problem

Are your mouth watering at the thought of a bami disc? We also. Many people combine this popular snack with a portion of fries with mayonnaise, but (as far as we’re concerned) it also works very well on its own or on a white bun. Anyway: the bami disc is heavenly, but there is a huge shortage at the moment. And that doesn’t make us happy.

According to RTL News, there are too few manufacturers, while the snack is actually increasing in popularity. The solution? A construction of an additional factory.

Solution is coming

Elite Snacks is the largest bami disc manufacturer in the Netherlands and is currently building a new factory. Once this renovation is complete, we no longer have to worry about a shortage of these delicious slices. “Then I assume that we will be able to make enough for the Netherlands in the foreseeable future and perhaps a little more,” says the owner of the manufacturer. Until then we will have to deal with a scarcity deal.


Why the bami disc is suddenly so popular? We don’t know exactly, but it could just be the well-known ‘Bamiboys’ on TikTok. The videos of this boys, that test different bami discs all over the Netherlands, go viral.

Under the name @bami discs experts, the boys say they give ‘qualitative reviews’ about their favorite snack. Hilarious, because some videos have been viewed almost a million(!) times.

@bami discdeskundologist Bamiboys! Kokkie looks silly but unfortunately the result is not forthcoming. Where the structure was, there is simply no taste to be seen 🙁 You lost € 2,55 for it. #bamiboys #donkerehaaland #fyp #nederland #zutphencity ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

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