‘The pain is gone and I can walk smoothly again’

Peter (46) had been suffering from his back for years. As a driving instructor, he mainly had a sedentary job and that was not exactly conducive to his complaints. He tried to do some exercise after work, but his complaints began to limit him more and more. He had also been treated by a physiotherapist, but that had not helped much. It seemed like a case of ‘you just have to learn to live with that’.

Weak spot

Peter: ‘Actually, that back has always been my weak spot. I think I was somewhere in my mid-20s when it first started bothering me. Nothing special had even happened. I hadn’t fallen and I hadn’t lifted any heavy things or anything. It came naturally. And since then it has been playing up more and more. The GP and physiotherapist have been unable to do much. Walking also became more and more difficult. It was like I couldn’t put my feet down properly. When the pain was very severe, I took painkillers. And yes, at a certain point that was more and more necessary than before. Especially if I had been in the car all day again.’

Too good to be true?

Peter had already given up hope that his complaints could ever be resolved. ‘I just resigned myself to it. It is what it is. I just had to learn to live with it. But then my wife suddenly came up with a story about a son of an acquaintance, I think he is only 15 years old, who wore a corset because of scoliosis. Because the curvature in his back worsened, he would need surgery in the foreseeable future. He had been to a lady – Annelies Nijman from Ways of Healing – and after the treatment his back was straight again and he was no longer in pain. I myself am rather down-to-earth and this story actually seemed too good to be true, but I let my wife persuade me to also go to Annelies. If it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt.’

The Spiritual Creation

‘If I’m being honest, I was actually a bit skeptical when I went to Annelies on the date of the appointment,’ Peter admits frankly. ‘After all, I am someone who wants to be able to explain everything that happens. But that was not possible in this case, according to the information I found on her website. Yes, if you’re religious maybe, but I’m not. I immediately felt at ease with Annelies. There is something very pleasant about her. After an introductory meeting over a cup of coffee, the treatment she calls the ‘Spiritual Ascension’ began. I had to lie down on a treatment couch. All I had to take off were my socks and shoes. I turned out to have a considerable misalignment of my pelvis and therefore no less than 2 centimeters leg length difference! Annelies didn’t even touch me, she was standing at my feet, and suddenly I felt a certain current in my lower back. It’s not very easy to explain. You should actually experience it yourself to understand what I mean. I definitely didn’t change my position, but that 2 centimeter leg length difference had suddenly disappeared. Like the back pain!’

Also mental change

‘And you know what’s also so special?’ Peter continues his story enthusiastically. ‘That it also brought a big change mentally. I hadn’t told Annelies that for years I had been carrying resentments about things that happened in my youth. But that bitterness was suddenly gone. I could forgive. The Spiritual Ascension not only brought about a physical change, but also a mental one! I literally and figuratively feel much better now. Yes, almost a different person. The pain is gone, I walk smoothly again, although I must admit that I did have considerable muscle pain that first week after the treatment’, laughs Peter. ‘But now, and it’s been five months since that session, I feel great. What Annelies does is really special. A gift. I can recommend it to anyone who, like me, has been walking around with pain for so long and can’t get any further with it in the regular circuit. You may not be able to explain what she does, but it works!’

Do you camp with…

– (chronic) complaints to your back, feet or knees?
– problems with your pelvis or hip?
– neck and shoulder complaints?
– headache or migraine?
– hernia or scoliosis?
– depression or sleep problems?
– various physical complaints?
– a leg length difference, uneven position of the pelvis or shoulders?
Then it is worth contacting us!

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