The o-method is going viral and is a spicy way to reach your goals

In the year 2023, manifesting is completely hip. TikTok is full of tips & tricks on how to best achieve your goals. There is visualization, journaling and meditation, but now there is a new method. A new way to manifest your goals? Playing with yourself.

O-method spicy technique meditate achieve goals
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The o method

Can’t you vision board see more or have you spent too much money on those spiritual stones, and they don’t work for a meter? Or is that meditating and visualizing not for you at all and do you want to do something different than usual? It’s time to manifest your goals in a different way. Thanks to TikTok, the o method is now going viral, and it’s a fun and spicy way to reach our goals.

TikTokker Sara Perl came up with the idea. She tells Elite Daily: “With the O method, we use our sexual energy to manifest. It is a combination of feeling, visualizing and claiming your desired reality”. Sounds exciting, but how does it work?

This is how you apply the o method

It makes sense, manifesting is much more than actively thinking about what you want to achieve. TikTokker Sara Perl explains that you have to feel it too. But how the hell are you supposed to feel about your goals, you might be wondering now. On with yourself down under to get busy! huh?

It is very simple: when you feel that you are about to arrive, you visualize what you want to achieve. It can be anything, you decide what you want to achieve in your life. More money? A successful career? Or perhaps more love and intimacy. So try it right away!


we know, most women will think one thing now. “What if I (almost) never come?”. Fortunately, we have also thought of this and have previously written an article with tips to reach a climax much faster.

And, we want to get rid of something right away: don’t expect all your dreams to come true immediately after a solo session. According to Sara, it sometimes takes a while before the technology actually starts working. It may not work right away, but you will get a lot of highlights in return. Do call us!


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