The many advantages of VoIP for companies: voice over IP is the future!

In fact, it’s starting to look like voice over IP is even becoming the future. Reasons enough to delve into this. There are plenty of benefits associated with voice over IP for companies: we’ve listed it for you below.

Voice over IP: what is it actually?

Voice over IP is actually calling via the internet. Voice over IP is therefore also referred to as internet calling. That means you can say goodbye to call credit or a number of call minutes to speak to your colleague. An example of voice over IP is calling via Teams, but you also have special phones that support VoIP.

The many advantages of voice over IP

There are several benefits associated with VoIP for companies: we list it for you below.

1. You keep up with the times

As was just mentioned, voice over IP is the future for business calls. After all, the internet is becoming increasingly important and the arrival of voice over IP shows that again. If you, as a company, also switch from calling via a subscription or with calling minutes to voice over IP, you show that you keep up with the times.

2. Cheaper

Another big advantage of voice over IP is that you can save a lot on costs. Imagine: everyone calls via a telephone for which a subscription must be taken out, or when calls are made via the call credit. When you add these costs together, you end up with a considerable amount of money.

Instead, you can call very cheaply via the internet. Keep in mind that there are of course some costs involved with the switch. For example, you must purchase devices suitable for VoIP. These types of devices work via an internet connection. You must also take out a subscription that supports VoIP. Despite purchasing these devices and taking out a subscription, you can save a lot on telephone costs at the bottom of the line.

3. Call wherever and whenever you want

Thanks to voice over IP you are very flexible. You can call at any time, wherever and whenever you want. You simply have one telephone number that you can use to call or from which you want to be called. Whether you want to make a call with your colleague via Teams or if you are sitting at the office with the telephone next to you: it is very easy with VoIP. The only thing you need to use voice over IP is an internet connection.

4. Many possibilities

If you use voice over IP as a company, you will notice that this method of calling offers many possibilities. It offers much more than you probably thought at first. For example, you can use the same telephone number to call from home, but also at the office. It is even possible to assign a telephone number to several people, for example to a department. In addition, it also has many more benefits to offer than just the calling itself. You can also listen to your voicemail, you can add multiple people to the system and the system itself will also keep up with the times. Ideal!

5. An uncluttered office

Another advantage of VoIP is that it ensures a well-organized and tidy office. Huh, how? Well, thanks to VoIP you hardly have to lay any cables to make calls, since you are of course just calling via the internet.

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