The gorgeous Ruby Burger is the half-sister of Kim Feenstra

Kim Feenstra her half-sister Ruby

Kim Feenstra comes from a large family and has a total of three half-sisters. Earlier we introduced you to the beautiful Isa Faye, but today it’s Ruby’s turn to be put in the spotlight. In everyday life, Ruby works in the modeling world just like her half-sister Kim Feenstra, only she is not in front of the camera, but is involved with models behind the scenes. For example, she is head booker and manager for the models at the modeling agency VDM Model Management.

So she knows very well how to represent the interests of top models. In our eyes, Ruby could also work as a model herself. Because with her beautiful blonde locks, light eyes and trained body, she is a beautiful young lady.

Ruby Burger is herself too on fire on Instagram

Ruby is also active on Instagram and here we can get a glimpse of her private life. You can see that in her free time, just like her sisters, she can often be found at the gym and regularly delights us with the nicest outfits while exercising. Ruby also loves to regularly join a party, but despite her busy life she also knows very well how to relax.

For example, she regularly posts enviable photos during her trips to Berlin and Gambia, among others. Where she enjoyed the pearly white beaches with a bikini on. Here, Ruby looks fantastic every time. It would therefore not surprise us if this stunning woman ever appears in the FHM 500 most beautiful women in the Netherlands. So it’s high time to start following Ruby on social media and these photos give you a taste of her Instagram account.

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