The ‘ghost layer’ trend is the hair trend for lifeless and thin hair

When we think of a hair trend, we quickly think of ‘Matilda Djerf hair’. The ghost layer trend looks a lot like it, but throws some subtle volume into the mix. We tell you everything you want to know about this new hairstyle.

Matilda Djerf who?

ghost layers

Invisible layers are the perfect addition to lifeless hair. It creates more volume, while the length of the hair does not have to be centimeters shorter. Who doesn’t like a little more volume in their hair? The technique is best known for the hype surrounding Matilda Djerf’s hair, but you don’t have to have such thick hair to give your hair a volume boost.

Who does this hair technique work for?

Almost everyone who is looking for more texture and volume in the hair is good with the ghost layer technique. The subtle layers are perfect for giving fine or thin hair just a little more movement and slack. Due to the technique, the layers are almost invisible, making it look like the hair has already been naturally voluminous. The technique can also be applied to thicker hair to give it more movement and to thin it out a little.

For whom does the hair technique probably not work?

The hair technique usually doesn’t look great on very short or curly hair. It is also not the best technique to thin out thick hair properly. A standard layering technique is more appropriate for this. Of course, every hair is different, so don’t stop yourself from experimenting with different techniques.

ghost bangs

Would you like to do something new with your hair? A combination between ghost layers and ghost bangs is perfect for summer. ghost bangs are subtle and continue into the rest of the hair, framing the face in a smooth line.

Yes really: this is how much money we spend on the hairdresser in our lives

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The ‘ghost layer’ trend is the hair trend for lifeless or thin hair

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