The best Samsung offers for your holiday money

Are you looking for a competitive offer for your new Samsung Galaxy phone or Buds? Then check out Samsung’s Holiday Money Deals for significant benefits on all kinds of Galaxy gadgets.

Samsung Holiday money deals

Samsung holiday money offers

You’ve certainly noticed it in recent weeks: finally summer is just around the corner. As you well know, that’s not just a great time to think about your vacation. It’s also a good opportunity to find a great deal on your new phone or Buds.

You will find all kinds of interesting offers between Samsung’s Holiday Money Deals. Think of benefits up to €200 that are settled directly in your shopping cart or benefits if you trade in your old phone. To make the wide range of Samsung itself clear, we have already selected the best mobile offers for you.

Galaxy S23 series

The Galaxy S23 series is of course the smartphone series of the moment. The devices are lightning fast and excel in all areas. From the cameras and the screen to the battery life and the water-resistant design, it is not surprising that the models score high in reviews.

If you buy a Galaxy S23 from May 22 to July 2, you can get a discount of up to € 200. You don’t have to do anything for this – the amount will be settled directly in your shopping cart.

In addition, the Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra come with the Buds2 Pro earphones as a gift. The Buds2 Pro are Samsung’s best wireless earphones. They excel due to the excellent sound quality, good dynamics and reliable connectivity. The Buds2 Pro have a suggested retail price of €229.

You get the Galaxy Buds2 Pro when you buy the plus or ultra model of the Galaxy S23 series. This is on top of the price advantage you will receive anyway.

You can find this offer in the Samsung Shop.

Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4

Would you prefer one of Samsung’s striking foldables? Then this is a good time to purchase the Galaxy Z Flip4 or Z Fold4. With these devices you can score up to € 200 price advantage up to and including 4 June, which will be settled directly in your shopping cart. Check out these offers yourself in the Samsung Shop: Galaxy Z Flip4 / Galaxy Z Fold4.

Galaxy S21FE

Are you looking for the phone with the best value for money at the moment? Then the Galaxy S21FE is a logical choice. The device has fast hardware and excellent cameras. Thanks to Samsung’s good update policy, the S21FE will keep you in the front row with regard to security and new features until 2027.

Until July 2, you can buy the Galaxy S21FE with € 200 extra trade-in value. If you trade in your current phone when you buy it, you will receive an extra €200 in return. You can indicate during the order that you want to trade in your current device. This benefit will then be settled immediately. In this way you get a lot of phone for an attractive price with the S21FE.

Don’t trade in your phone? Then you can get a €100 discount if you also buy the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Check this deal for yourself: Galaxy S21FE in the Samsung Shop.

Galaxy S22

If you prefer a phone that is between the S23 and S21FE in terms of price and features, then there is of course the Galaxy S22. This device is more compact and faster than the S21 FE. Moreover, it has even better cameras. From 22 May to 2 July, you will receive €150 extra trade-in value for your current smartphone when you purchase the S22. If you do not exchange anything, you will receive a €75 discount on the Buds2 Pro if you buy it together with the Galaxy S22 in the Samsung Shop

More Holiday Money Deals

Of course, Samsung has even more in store than just the above offerings. On the special page you will find all deals with a wide range of gadgets, televisions and household appliances.

Check all Holiday Money Deals!

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