That’s how long the perfect power nap lasts for the best effect

A power nap can help you recharge and get more energy. Earlier we shared all our tips to keep more energy in the afternoon. But if you have the opportunity to take an afternoon nap, do so. And to get the most out of your power nap, follow these tips.


That’s how long the perfect power nap lasts

The power nap originated in southern European countries, such as Spain, where the afternoon nap is of course called a siesta. This charging moment has now also spread to Western European countries.

Cause afternoon slump

It is not surprising that you have less energy in the afternoon. There are all kinds of factors that cause such a dip, including your lunch. If you have had a heavy lunch, fluctuations in your blood sugar level can cause less energy. Your energy level also depends of course on how many hours you slept the night before and how much energy you already used that day. To recharge, a power nap is a good solution.

Duration power nap

Where the siesta in Spain lasts on average about two hours, it is not advisable to actually sleep for two hours. According to most studies, a power nap of an average of twenty minutes is the most effective. In these twenty minutes you remain in a light sleep that is enough to get more energy. This way you wake up more cheerful and you will get through the afternoon a lot more productive.

Avoid going into REM sleep

If you want to sleep a little longer than twenty minutes, this is certainly possible. It is important that you avoid entering your REM sleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement and refers to the rapid eye movements you make during this stage of your sleep. In this phase, your muscles are completely relaxed except for your brain. They are busy processing your daily experiences. If your REM sleep is disturbed, this will also happen with these processes. And that does not benefit the amount of energy you have. It takes about 70 to 90 minutes to get into REM sleep, so it’s important that you stop your power nap earlier than this.

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That’s how long the perfect power nap lasts for the best effect

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