“That is accompanied by that whining face and that is tiring to watch”

Kenneth Perez thinks that Xavi Simons is having a very good first season at PSV, but that it is accompanied by too much ‘an exhausting whining face to watch’. The Orange-international decorated a penalty against sc Heerenveen and used it himself.

PSV fought back from a 1-3 deficit and that was not the first time this season. “Despite PSV’s mediocre game and the fact that it is always difficult, they always come back from behind,” says Perez. This was the Weekend. “It is very often Xavi Simons, who is incredibly hungry and very eager. That is also accompanied by that whining face all the time, which is quite tiring to watch.”

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“He can’t do much about that, can he?” Asks presenter Pascal Kamperman. “Yes, you don’t have to act like that all the time. That does not alter the fact that PSV continues to persevere and you saw that with the penalty won. They are quicker on their feet, they want to try to take the ball away at all costs and that leads to the penalty with Bruma’s foul”, was Perez’s reaction.

Perez is not the only one who has been disturbed by the emotion shown by Simons in recent times. “I also find that whining face annoying to see, but it is such an emotional player. Everyone is now falling over it and as a young player you now have to pay more attention to it”, Kees Luijckx adds.

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