Temptation Island viewers react en masse to Lester’s campfire images

In the latest episode of Temptation Island: Love or Leave, we got to see the men’s second campfire. Fortunately, the images were not too bad, but for Lester it was slightly different. In the images of Miriam, we have seen that she was quite out of her mind and made some strong statements. How did Lester react to this?

Source: Temptation Island: Love or Leave

Campfire images

As we all know, Miriam can get angry and jealous easily. That is also the reason why she and Lester participate in the program. Together they hope that the jealousy will be reduced and that they will come out stronger. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’s not going so well. When Miriam was shown a photo of Lester in which he pushed Noortje into the swimming pool, she couldn’t take it. She also made strong statements. “He just hates me. I now take a taxi there and I punch her completely into the ground,” said Miriam. Shanta and Iris heard the story but did not understand the outburst.

In the men’s second campfire, Lester saw these images. He was very shocked, but it did not surprise him. “I hope we can talk about this and I can explain. I hope she won’t be angry anymore,” Lester said. He also says that he thinks the reaction is exaggerated, but that it does something to him that Miriam is sad. He hopes they still come out stronger. “It will be fine.”


Of course Noortje also saw the images and she found Miriam’s reaction very exaggerated. Just like all other Temptation Island viewers. Viewers on Twitter are going crazy over the latest episode. They feel especially sorry for Lester, but are very surprised at how calm he remains.

For example, a viewer writes “Lester thinks this is the most normal thing in the world and especially feels sorry for Miriam and thinks they can still talk it out. Sounds like a healthy relationship.” We are looking forward to next week’s episode.

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