Taylor Swift fan took job as a security guard after concert sold out

Ever seen a guard of a concert so enthusiastically sing along with all the songs of the artist? We think not. In our opinion, this huge Taylor Swift fan would deserve a ribbon for the effort he made to attend the concert. With his back to the stage, that is.

This is probably the cutest (and smartest) thing you’ll read this week already.

Security guard to Taylor Swift for the night

You have fans, you have mega fans and then you have this fan – who will probably go down in the books as the most fanatical ever. Due to the enormous popularity of pop star Taylor Swift, all the tickets were hers ‘The Eras Tour‘ (outside of being hugely expensive with an average price of $215) sold out. Many devoted fans therefore failed to get a ticket for one of the shows. Too bad, but alas, many would have thought. Still, one fan named Davis Perrigo didn’t stop there.

The smartest trick to still attend the sold-out concert

The fan, annex accountant, took matters into his own hands and looked for another way to attend the concert of his dreams. He’s been a Taylor Swift fan for years, knows the lyrics to every song and, according to his wife, sings it with way too much passion for someone who’s never had a break-up. So not attending the concert was not an option for him. The fan applied for a job as a security guard at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, where the show took place last weekend.

Davis got the job (also nice for Swift who had some security issues) and had the chance to experience the concert from very close to Swift. However, there were a few drawbacks to his smart move. For example, he had to keep his face towards the audience during the entire concert and was therefore unable to see how close the singer was to him. He was also not allowed to take photos or videos. Fortunately, there were a number of other fans who saw him sing along and filmed him. All’s well that ends well.


Loved this video one of my listeners Leah sent where a security guard gives Taylor a run for her money at one of her Nashville shows! #taylorswift #taylornation #swiftie #swifttok

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Brilliant! Taylor Swift fan took a job as a security guard to be able to attend a sold-out concert

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