Supporters federation of KV Oostende has a sharp statement about the future of the club

In recent days, there has again been a lot of unrest among the supporters of KV Oostende. The calm about next season or a takeover makes the fans suspect the worst.

No news is good news says the proverb, but the fans of KV Oostende have not believed in that for a while. There is nothing new to gather about the imminent takeover of the club or the team composition for next season.

The supporters federation Kustboys is also receiving some criticism and therefore sent a statement into the world. We are also aware that this will not be enough for a certain group of supporters, but we are convinced that proper communication can yield more than hard actions that can only harm the club.

Kustboys points to a series of meetings with investors Michael Kalt and Krishen Sud. “On May 10, there was a follow-up meeting with the same participants as the meeting on April 25. We cannot say much about what was said in these meetings at the moment, as there is a gentlemen’s agreement not to endanger the near future”, the Kustboys continue.

The message remains positive. “Know that Messrs Michael Kalt and Krishen Sud have the best intentions for KVO and that behind the scenes work is being done on the future of KVO and not only by us, but also by people who mean well for the club.”

The supporters federation also says that it will continue to follow the file closely. “We can also say that all conversations were always constructive and with mutual respect. As soon as we can report something substantive, we will certainly do so”, it still sounds.

You can read the full statement below in this post on Facebook.

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