Streamz comes with a cheaper subscription Streamz Basic with advertising

Streamz has announced a new subscription formula. Until now there was no advertising on Streamz, but that will change with Streamz Basic. With that cheaper subscription you get to see a maximum of 5 minutes of advertising per hour.

Foreign streaming services Disney + and Netflix have been talking about it for some time, but now Streamz is also introducing a formula with advertising. It will be launched next Monday, May 22, 2023.

Stream Basic

Streamz currently has two formulas: Streamz and Streamz+. The difference between the two is that on Streamz+ you get access to a larger film library with recent blockbusters and older cinema hits. But soon a third formula will appear.

Streamz comes with a subscription with advertising. According to Streamz, this formula is especially interesting for younger users, who often have to make do with a limited budget. In exchange for a maximum of 5 minutes of advertising per hour, you pay 3 euros less per month with Streamz Basic, while you can enjoy the regular Streamz offer (without the extra Streamz+ films). Children’s programs will remain ad-free.

Three formulas

Due to the arrival of Streamz Basic, there are now three different formulas on Streamz.

Streamz Basic: 5.95 euros per month

The new formula costs 5.95 euros per month when you take out an annual subscription. In addition, you will see a maximum of 5 minutes of advertising every hour. For the rest, you can simply watch all Flemish and international series and films from the Streamz catalog and you will also receive two profiles.

Streamz Premium: 8.95 euros per month

The second formula is actually the “normal” formula of Streamz. With Streamz Premium you can watch all series on the streaming service without advertising for 8.95 euros per month. In addition, you can watch on four screens at the same time and you can download episodes on five different profiles to watch without internet. Those who now have a subscription to Streamz will become Streamz Premium from 22 May.

Streamz Premium+: 13.95 euros per month

The third and last formula is Streamz Premium+. This allows you to do everything that users can do with Streamz Premium, but you can also watch recent international blockbusters and cinema gems from the best filmmakers. Those who are now subscribed to Streamz+ will automatically become Streamz Premium+ from next week.

View a complete overview of the different Streamz formulas here:

Streamz prices

Streamz Basic will be available from Monday, May 22, 2023.

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